UP Cityfest- Did you attend one of the UP Cityfest events this summer? This is an invitation for individuals to fill out a survey about the UP CityFest events.  The survey can be accessed by texting 94000 and then UPCF.  If you are unable to do it that way , you can ask Wayne Sherwood, Ed or Sylvia Lindwall for help.


Labor Day Worship service at Covenant Point- Sunday, September 5, 10:00 am.  No lunch, but coffee and snacks provided following the service.


The next Women's Ministry Team meeting is scheduled Tuesday, September 7 at 6:00pm at Sylvia Lindwall's home.  Fall Change Up plans to be worked on.


Confirmation - Attention Confirmation Parents - for students whose confirmation experience was cut short by covid, they will be welcome to join the new class. What I would like to see is that if your student did not finish his or her first year of confirmation, that he or she would choose to start that year over with the new class this September during the Sunday School hour. Even if they made it part way through the first year of confirmation, the Old Testament portion, I think it will be beneficial relationally for all to start at the beginning together and hopefully develop good bonds with each other. Please talk with your student and let me know if they are willing to restart or if they'd rather jump in during January 2022.


If your student completed all of the first year but did not finish her or his second year of confirmation, likewise, I'd like to see them choose to restart the second year of confirmation, again for the relational connections of the group. In this case, they would rejoin us next September, 2022, as we begin the New Testament portion of confirmation. Please talk with your student and let me know if they are willing to restart the second year or if they'd rather jump in during January 2023.


I totally understand a student not wanting to redo what s/he has already done. Because of this, I will honor what they already accomplished. But my preference would be for students to start at the beginning of the year s/he did not complete. If this is as clear as mud, please contact me at or 814 706 8464.

Family Hike & Picnic at Imp Lake on September 12 after worship. This will be led by Christy Makuck and Women's Ministry with the goal to provide Family Fellowship Fun and kick off the Fall Season. More details to follow.