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Our Staff


Michael Poindexter


Jill Walsh

Office Administrator

Snowy Night
GCC Council and Committee Members

Church Chairperson, Wayne Sherwood

Church Vice Chairperson, Paul Cousineau

Secretary, Tristin Caswell

Treasurer, Steve Sands

Financial Secretary, Dan Baumgartner

At-Large Members, Carol Foskhul & Mason Gray

Women Ministries, Jill Walsh & Sylvia Lindwall

Christian Formation, Linnea Johnson

Fellowship & Congregational Care, Kathy Campain & Bev Richards

Finance Committee, Steve Sands

Mission & Social Action, Chris Shamion

Properties, Mike Rummelhoff

Worship Committee, Erika Sauter

Evangelism & Enlistment, Sue Omdahl

Mutual Ministries Committee, Paul Cousineau

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