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Relational Covenant of GCC

God calls us to practice community (Rom. 12: 4-5, Psalm 133:1), but we recognize that this isn't always easy.  So, this covenant serves as a reminder that we are determined to be unified in the work that God calls us. 

Covenant of Community Life

To keep the Spirit’s fire alive & growing, we will, with Christ’s help…

-Seek to grow in our personal spiritual walks with God (2 Tim. 2: 15)

-Address issues openly with gentle honesty (Col. 3: 12-13)

-Encourage one another & build each other up (1 Thes. 5: 11)

Guidelines for Christ-Centered Relationships

These guidelines, developed with Scripture, serve as  practical steps to take for

conflict management &  resolution.

-Pray before & after discussions.

 -Acknowledge our imperfect understanding of others & choose to believe the best in them.

-First listen in love, and then speak the truth in love.

-When in doubt or hurt, seek guidance from spiritual leadership.

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