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Pink Blossom
Weekly Bible Studies:


Men's Second Cup Bible Study: 

Tuesday Morning Men's Bible study meets  at Main Street Cafe from 7:00 am- 8:00 am. 

Women's Tuesday Morning Bible Study :

Tuesday Morning Bible study is meeting at 6:30 am at Mr. T's.

Coffee is on Mr. T's!!


Women's Friday Morning Bible Study:

Friday Morning Bible study is meeting at 10:00 am in the conference room at church.

  Get Involved in Ministries at GCC

Fellowship & Congregational Care, Kathy Campain & Bev Richards

Prayer Chain, Kathy Campain

Mission & Social Action, Karla Menucci

Men's Ministries, Ed Lindwall

Christian Formation, Linnea Johnson

Worship, Wendy Benkley

Women Ministries,  Sylvia Lindwall

Evangelism & Enlistment, Sue Omdahl

Friendship Ministry, Tristin Caswell

Three Threads, Karla Menucci

Widow and Widower's Group, Sue Omdahl

Young Adult's Dinners, Pastor Mike Poindexter

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